By: PLEZi Nutrition Team Read Time: 3 minutes

At PLEZi Nutrition, we’re committed to helping support a healthier generation for all kids. It’s core to how we think about the products we develop and the educational resources we provide, as well as how we give back. 

We’re beyond proud to support FoodCorps, who partners with schools and communities to nourish kids’ health, education, and sense of belonging by working in schools to provide hands-on food education and increased access to nourishing meals. Their Nourishing Futures initiative is a commitment grounded in equity that seeks to ensure all 50 million students across the country learn about food and have access to nourishing, free meals in school by 2030. 

FoodCorps’ work is so critical – students learn better when they are well nourished, and regular, nourishing meals can address major health inequities. Did you know nearly 1 in 5 kids in the U.S. aren’t getting the nutritious food they need to learn, grow, and thrive?

Here’s a taste of FoodCorps’ incredible work and impact:

Nourishing School Meals 
Food is at the heart of culture, and it looks, tastes, and feels different depending on where you are in the country. With this always in mind, FoodCorps partners with local farmers and schools to craft nutritious and culturally responsive meals that kids love. Here’s a snapshot of some of these delicious meals. 

Going clockwise starting at the top left: Chicken Katsu in Kapaau, Hawai’i; Yakisoba Noodles in Oregon; Scratch-cooked Pozole in Oxnard, California; and “Pupusa Day” in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Hands-on Food Education
From planting and harvesting school gardens to doing taste tests with new fruits and veggies, FoodCorps helps kids learn about food and nutrition in fun ways because they know kids are more likely to eat the nutritious foods on their plates if they’ve had the opportunity to learn about them, taste, and grow them, while having a say in what shows up on their lunch trays. 

Empowering Young Voices 
Hearing from the next generation about the power of food makes our hearts full! At an elementary school in rural Maine, fifth grader Ben Rivers presented a speech to the school board about his experience with All About Food, a nutrition, cooking, and gardening program offered at his school, led by FoodCorps. Just listening to Ben championing nutritious food and learning about our food systems has us wanting to learn more about where food comes from, and how powerful it can be. Take a listen to Ben’s speech or watch below!

Policy for Progress 
On a national stage, FoodCorps elevates food equity by bringing local leaders’ experiences as well as policy recommendations to the White House and federal government.

FoodCorps is also continuing to push for food policy wins through state-level efforts such as its leadership in securing $16 million investment to support free school meals and food education in Connecticut, congressional site visits in Detroit to discuss key policy priorities, and in an unexpected victory receiving unanimous approval for free school lunches in New Mexico! 

Thanks in part to their policy and advocacy work, 11.5 million students now have access to free, nourishing school meals.

FoodCorps’ Impact 

  • 350,000+ students reached through direct service
  • 257 schools served
  • 28,266 hands-on lessons taught
  • 521 family engagement activities
  • 290 gardens supported
  • 279 foods added to cafeteria menus
  • 13,100 taste tests
  • 588 farm-to-school outreach efforts

FoodCorps’ leadership in growing the movement of building a better food future for our kids is inspiring, mobilizing, and activating tangible change that we are proud to support!